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Our SEO services are based on the latest SEO technology. So, you can expect the better promotion for your website through our robust SEO mechanism. So, when you will start to get our services for your SEO needs, you will feel that you are in the right direction. Moreover, we will look after your SEO needs according to your requirement. Our SEO services are vast in the proportion. So, you can get all types of SEO services from us. Actually, the SEO services are various types like keyword searching, meta data alterations, content writing, Google Webmaster tools, ranking status and others.

Moreover, we will look at every need of your website promotion through the point of view of SEO. It will bring greater exposure to the internet world. Moreover, through the keyword searching, we will select the best keywords for your website according to the theme of the website. Once, we make sure that you give us the approval for the implementation of the selected keywords in your website content. After that we will pass over it to our content writing team for giving the final shape about it. Even, we give serious care about the keywords stuffing which can be detrimental to your website on the search engine ranking as well.

Sometimes, it is observed that meta data alteration is needed for better ranking in the search engine. So, in this direction, we also keep watch very sincerely. Moreover, we take care the whole process in such a way that you will never face any problem in the future as well. Actually, the meta data alteration will be needed when the website ranking is at the lowest point of the search engine. It will attract the less traffic to your website. So, in this case, the importance has been given for implementing it. Moreover, we put the important meta description on your website HTML code in such a way that the search engine can grab it without any fuss.

As far as the content writing is concerned, we have a pool of skilled content writers in our SEO service team. So, you don’t have to worry about it. Rather, you have to inform us the theme of your website and keywords, then we will look after it with great care. Our SEO service team will implement the synchronization Google Webmaster tool to your website. So, you can get the analytical status of your website on your mind. Actually, it will help your website to compare its performance with the other website on the search engine ranking.

Moreover, our constant touch with your website will make it possible to get the best analytical result from the Google Webmaster tool. So, you will get to know how your website is working on the search engine. At the regular interval, you will get the ranking status of your website from us and if any modification is needed, then we will inform you for giving us the approval of it for make it happens as well.

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Competitive Pricing Model

Competitive Pricing Model Some SEO service providers charge expensive rates, making it difficult for their clients to build up a strong presence online. Our competitive pricing model allows those who choose us for the job to get quality search engine ranking services at a reasonable rate. For only $249, your website can be optimized for 10 keywords. That can help you bring in a lot of highly qualified website visitor and is especially great for those who want to rank for a many keywords.

We have several other packages available that serve to make SEO services even more affordable. The more keywords you want to optimize for, the greater amount of savings you get to enjoy. Contact us today for more information. [/tour_tab] [tour_tab]

Results Based SEO Service

Results Based SEO Service CompanyWhat is the point of buying SEO services if there are no results? Many people have wasted their money by hiring optimization companies who used questionable, ineffective optimization practices. It is no secret that SEO is an art requiring a high level of knowledge and skill. The rules of SEO change all the time and it is important to choose a company that stays aware of the latest Google and other search engine algorithms, few latest changes are Google Panda, Penguin, Zebra, Page algo.

We proudly provide our clients with a results based SEO service. We continue to monitor the industry and make the needed adjustments to our SEO strategy so that those who choose us are assured results. Our staff members are experts, but always students so that they can continue to be the best in the industry. In addition, we maintain the best optimization tools available to help ensure we do an effective job. If you are serious about optimizing your website while avoiding being slapped by search engine penalties, choose RCG for the job.[/tour_tab] [tour_tab]

Monthly SEO Services No Long Term contracts

Monthly SEO Services No Long Term contractsSome SEO companies try to get customers locked into lengthy contracts so they can always have profits coming in. Our company remains profitable, not through forcing clients to sign contracts, but by providing great SEO services. For this reason, you can choose us for monthly SEO services and never have to worry about not being able to cancel. What happens when that company you sign a contract with stops being effective? With RCG, you never have to worry about this. Our clients are long term because they know our services are effective, not because they are trapped in a contract.[/tour_tab] [tour_tab]

Live Reporting

Live ReportingDelays in reports can result in missed opportunities, which can prove to be very costly to online businesses. Customers of RCG get the advantage of live reporting, enabling them to take action at the right time. There is no need to sit and wonder about what is currently going on. Stay up-to-the minute about the status of your website by choosing RCG.[/tour_tab] [tour_tab]

95% Retention Rate

95% Retention RateRCG is proud to reveal that we have a 95% customer retention rate, even without contracts! People who try us tend to stay with us because they see the big difference our SEO services make to their online properties. We know what it takes to effectively optimize for increased noticeability and traffic. This is just another reason why RCG is the right choice.[/tour_tab] [/tour]


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